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in Eastern Europe, China and Turkey


Dear Friends,

Happy Birthday! An old saying is that "Time flies." So it seems has Bridges for Education. Our experience has expanded from the first camp organized in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 1991 to the creation of BFE in 1994. And ten years later, 71 summer conversational English language camps organized. We have sent about 810 teachers to serve approximately 9,500 students from 35 countries.

Our US and Canadian teachers have flown many places and flown back to their families and friend and work with many new perspectives. They write how changed they are by this experience. I am, too and so are all the students and international teachers.

A ten year anniversary usually means a birthday cake. I asked my webmaster if he could arrange this for you to smile. I wish we could all meet in one place again, and in the beginning, working with just one country, that would have been possible. But not now with so many world wide partners.

So this is a virtual reality celebration! I hope you are smiling because in a way the email has become the reality of our connections after the camps- so many miles we are apart, but with the wonder of the internet we can still keep in touch; sharing our joys and worries and caring deeply for each other.

Of course, we would all prefer to be together, seeing the smiles and enjoying the hugs and kisses. I'd like to think that our connections will keep strong and that somehow, someday, all our paths will cross again and we will happily remember the good times and yet relish the sour days with humor.

I hope that this network of friends you have all created will continue to help us be better concerned people dedicated to peace through promoting tolerance and understanding using English as a bridge. Keep in touch and do good work.

My great respect to you all,

Best wishes,

Mrs. J. Beth Ciesielski
Executive Director, and Founder - Bridges for Education
94 Lamarck Drive, Buffalo, New York 14226 U.S.A.
Tel.: (716) 839-0180
Fax: (716) 839-9493